Aughentaine Castle

Map Reference: H499515 (2499, 3515)

Location: About 4km W of Clogher. Accessible only from a side road to N of the castle

View from SE

Aughentaine Castle, in Aghintain townland, was built in 1618 by either Sir William O'Neill or Sir William Stewart. In 1622 it was described as "a large Castle of Lyme & Stone, strong & defencible...about it is a Bawne of lyme & stone, 211 foot long, 112 foot broad & 10 foot high, with Flanckers". Only fragments of this 17th century fortified house remain. It was destroyed in 1641 and never rebuilt. The west wall stands to full height and there are some fireplaces at the higher levels. The building was three storeys high plus attic. The main block is aligned E-W and is about 17m by 10m externally.

Interior of W gable

A wing about 6m square projects from the middle of the north wall. In the angle between this wing and the W portion of the main building there is a fine Scottish-type corbel, with 12 courses of corbels. This carries the remains of a circular stairwell which rises from first floor level.

The corbelled stair projection

There are several small rectangular windows in the building, as well as some square musket-holes at the lower levels.

One of the small musket-loops

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