Carnfadrig Megalithic Tombs, Ballywholan

Map Reference: H556490 (2556, 3490)

Location: Take B83 southwards from Clogher. Turn right onto Shanco Road. Signposted

This a complex and enigmatic structure. It is a cairn about 20m long and 2m high, aligned approximately E-W. At the E end there is a pair of stones about 1.6m high. The N stone leans against the S stone. They seem to form a portal leading to a single chamber. This is composed of a septal stone, two side stones and a back stone. The chamber is more than 1m wide but the stones are less than 1m high. The cairn has been cleared from around the chamber but it can be seen that, at one time, it extended beyond the line of the portal stones.

At the west end of the cairn two rectangular chambers have been uncovered. They form a gallery running N-S.

The main body of the cairn has not been excavated and there may be other hidden chambers. Carnfadrig combines elements of the portal tomb and the court tomb.

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