Cadian Sweat House

Map Reference: H768557 (2768, 3557)

Location: About 2km SW of Eglish Village

View of the entrance

The sweat house at Cadian is very hard to find. It sits at the extreme corner of a small rough, and extremely muddy field. It is tight against the field boundary at the edge of a small stream. The entrance is about 75cm high and the building is about 1.35m by 1.5m internally. The walls are of drystone construction being about 1.5m high.

View through the entrance

Originally it was roofed by three long slabs with small stones filling the spaces. A small triangular hole acted as a flue. In recent years however it has suffered somewhat and there is now a gap in the roof of about 40cm. Externally the sweat house is about 2m high. There is a barbed-wire fence close to the entrance which makes access extremely difficult. I know from a visit in 1983 that the rubble littering the floor of the sweat house includes broken glass. So visitors beware!

Another view of the entrance

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