Clogher Crosses

Map Reference: H538515 (2538, 3515)

These two sandstone crosses were found in the graveyard of St Macartan's Cathedral and re-erected. Both crosses appear to be missing part of the shaft. The north cross has some decorative motifs on both faces of the head and panels of interlace on the shaft. However the sculpture on the head is very worn and the exact nature of it is hard to determine. The cross is 2.3m high. The south cross is 2.75m high. On the east face of the shaft is a panel filled with small round bumps like mini-bosses. On the west face is a panel of interlacing. In the centre of both faces of the head of the cross is a large boss covered with interlacing. However it is very worn. The top of the head is missing. Around the base of the crosses there are several carved fragments. Inside the cathedral is a sundial. It has interlacing on both sides.

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