Clonfeacle Cross and Graveyard

Map Reference: H839521 (2839, 3521)

This was the site of a pre-Norman church and also of a medieval parish church. The cross now sits close to the present church. It is a rudimentary cross with an unpierced ring and no decoration on its upper surface. It is 1.17m high with arms 87cm across. Close examination shows that the sectors of the ring have different diameters and they do not line up with each other. Beside the cross is a small rough stone with a very fine, deeply-incised cross with expanded terminals. The graveyard contains some very good 17th and 18th century tombstones. One of these has figure carving on the narrow edges and the Fall of Man on one of the larger surfaces. Similar stones may be found at Clogher, Co Tyrone and Donagh, Co Monaghan.

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