Copney Stone Circles

Map Reference: H599780 (2599, 3780)

Possibly eight or nine, complete or partial, stone circles are known to exist at Copney. There is also an alignment, a cairn and a standing stone. The three largest circles have been revealed by removal of the peat. Two of them have been completely revealed and one partly. Circle A is 15.5m diameter and Circle B is 17m diameter. Circle C is, in fact, an oval measuring 24m by 22m. Each circle is filled with stones and each has a central cairn.

The stones are arranged radially or in concentric circles. An alignment runs ESE from the SE edge of Circle B to Circle C. It is 16m long. The average height of the stones within the complex is about 50cm. All of the smaller circles and other stones are mostly still under peat. When the site was first excavated the stones were found to have been bleached white due to the chemical action of the peat. Many of the stones were found to flake and crumble easily due to frost damage. It is hoped that they will stabilise before too much damage occurs.

Photo by George Barker

Photo by George Barker

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