Creggandevesky Court Tomb

Map Reference: H646751 (2646, 3751)

Creggendevesky Court Tomb was revealed after excavations about 1980. Previous to that time the only visible feature was a moss-covered lintel on top of a cairn which was almost covered with peat.

It was planned to remove this mound as part of a land improvement scheme. Excavation revealed one of the finest megalithic tombs in Ireland. The tomb has now been fully conserved. It has a very fine court about 5.6m wide by 5m deep, built with the post and panel technique. One lintel spans the entrance to the gallery which has three chambers.

The grave is set in a large trapezoidal cairn about 16m long by 13m at the front and 5.5m at the back. The edge of the cairn is defined by a dry-stone revetment all around the outside. Excavation provided evidence for both cremation and inhumation, as well as flint implements and Neolithic pottery.

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