Eglish Bullauns

Map Reference: H782565 (2782, 3565)

Location: Beside the Catholic church in Eglish Village

Bullaun stone or cross base?

In the car park of the Catholic church in Eglish there is strange boulder. It is roughly pyramidal or conical in shape, being about 1.3m high and 1m wide at the base. The hollow in the top of the stone appears, at first glance to be a bullaun. Closer examination shows that it is rectangular, rather than circular, and it may be the socket for a cross. It measures approximately 30cm by 20cm and 13cm deep.

Bullaun or cross socket?

Elsewhere, within the graveyard, is a smaller stone with a circular bullaun about 20cm diameter and 10cm deep. The stone is roughly octagonal. The antiquity of this stone is not clear. It may be an old bullaun stone which has been trimmed for a more modern purpose. Within the graveyard there are many 18th century gravestones with good clear inscriptions but very little artwork.

Small bullaun stone in the graveyard

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