Errigal Keeroge Cross

Map Reference: H585570 (2585, 3570)

This ancient church site, in Gort townland, has St Ciaran as its patron saint but may have been founded by St Cairthenn or Dachiara, who died in 506. It is referred to in the Annals in 810 and 838. The medieval parish church was destroyed in 1380 but the ruins still remain.

The most notable structure on the site is a short stone cross about 180cm high with an unpierced ring and stumpy arms. On one face there is a boss and on the other side there are some incised lines. This may indicate the intention to pierce the ring and carve some decorative panels. This is a possible unfinished High Cross. Built into the wall of the ruined church is a replica of an effigy of a male figure.

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