Garvagh Court Tomb

Map Reference: H201869 (2201, 3869)

This court tomb stands on the summit of Carn Hill in an area straddling the border. The boundary is clearly visible. The northern arm of the court is in Donegal in rough pasture. The southern arm of the court and the burial gallery is in rushy ground in Tyrone. The gallery consists of a small antechamber and one burial chamber. A pair of jambs at the back of this chamber indicates that there was originally a second burial chamber. Three stones survive on the north side of the court and one on the south. The antechamber is about 1m wide and 1.2m long. A pair of jambs separate it from the surviving burial chamber which is 3m long and about 1.6m wide. A field boundary running through the monument may hide some of the structure and the rushes make it difficult to see the true nature of the gallery.

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