Harry Avery's Castle

Map Reference: H392852 (2392, 3852)

Harry Avery's Castle stands on a hill overlooking Newtownstewart. It is named after Henry Aimbreidh O'Neill who died in 1392. He is reputed to have hanged 19 men who successively refused to marry his ugly sister. However the date of construction of the castle is not certain. The front of the castle looks like a gatehouse with two D-shaped towers. However this gives access only to the basement. The polygonal courtyard may only be reached by going through the hall at first floor level.

The building is more like a tower house than a gatehouse, and may have been built by a local chieftain to imitate a strong English castle, with the consequent elevation in power and status that such a building may confer. The castle has latrine chutes and marks of wicker centering in the vaults.

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