Knockmany Passage Tomb

Map Reference: H547559 (2547, 3559)

This passage tomb, on the summit of Knockmany Hill, is also known as Annia's Cove. It is the most decorated passage tomb in the North of Ireland. It has a polygonal chamber measuring 4.3m by 2.2m, with some traces of a passage. Excavation showed that it was originally covered by a stone cairn capped with earth.

Four of the orthostats in the chamber have decorative motifs, including concentric circles, lozenges, zigzags and triangles. They are similar to the motifs seen in the passage tombs in the Boyne Valley and on the Loughcrew Hills. The tomb may date from about 3000 B.C. Knockmany is the best example of a small collection of such tombs in the Clogher Valley.

It is now protected by a modern cover encased in a grassy mound. This has a diameter of 15m at the top and is surrounded by a kerb 24m diameter.

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