Cashelbane Wedge Tomb, Loughash

Map Reference: C516013 (2516, 4013)

Cashelbane Cairn, in Loughash, is a wedge-tomb set within a large cairn. Three stones form a divided portal. The gallery is about 6.5m long by 2m wide, with a capstone covering one section near the back. To the rear of this the gallery seems to be divided into two small chambers by several transverse stones. The outer walling is well represented on both sides. There is one lintel stone in place near the rear of the tomb. It measures about 2m by 1.5m. The total size of the tomb is about 7.2m long by 3.5m wide at the front and 2.2m wide at the back. The surrounding cairn is low and about 19m diameter. It incorporates a large number of quartz boulders. When the site was excavated it had a cairn about 55m diameter and was reported to have been 1.5m above the capstone about 50 years previously. Excavation revealed many urns, flints, burnt bone and sherds of food vessels.

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