Loughash Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: C483008 (2483, 4008)

Loughash Wedge Tomb has a cairn about 10m long by 7.5m wide at the front and 4m wide at the back. The facade has two good stones about 1.4m high. Between them, forming a double portal, is a third stone less than 50cm high. There is a single lintel in place near the front of the burial chamber. The total size of the two chambers is about 6.6m long by 1.7m wide. There are many chamber stones in place as well as outer walling. The end of the cairn is rounded to give the common horseshoe shape found in many wedge tombs. During excavation the broken mould of a palstave was found near the front of the burial chamber, and at the rear, part of a bronze blade. A small copper ring and sherds of four Beakers and five other pots were found with flint flakes. Some charcoal and cremated bone, representing perhaps three individuals were found towards the back of the gallery. The majority of excavated wedge tombs have been shown the belong the Later Neolithic Era. However it is known that many tombs were re-used during the Bronze Age and it is not uncommon to find some metal artefacts during excavation.

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