Tullahogue Fort

Map Reference: H825743 (2825, 3743)

Panoramic view of the fort from the entrance

This large earthwork sits on top of a hill in Ballymully Glebe townland. It was the residence of the O'Hagans who, with the O'Cahans, were responsible for conducting the inauguration of the O'Neill chieftains. From the 11th century Tullahogue was the dynastic centre and inauguration place of the Cenel nEogain, who later became the O'Neills. The fort is not a typical rath structure. There is large central polygonal embanked enclosure. This is surrounded by a wide flat space which is bounded by a substantial bank. The central mound may be reached via a causeway through the banks. Bartlett's map of 1601 shows the fort as having two gateways and two thatched buildings, with the stone inauguration chair on the hillside to the SE. Mountjoy reported that he demolished the chair during his advance against the O'Neills in 1602. To the SW, at the foot of the hill, is a circular walled graveyard. This is Donaghrisk, the traditional burial place of the O'Hagans.

Panoramic view of the central mound

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