St Molana's Abbey, Ballynatray

Map Reference: X080828 (2080, 0828)

The remains of St Molana'a Abbey are extensive but greatly delapidated and overgrown in parts. The abbey was founded in the 6th century by St Molanfide and in the 12th century the Augustinian rule was adopted. There are no remains of the early foundation. The present monument consists of the nave of a church and some other buildings surrounding a cloister garth. There are no traces of a cloister arcade. The church has a total of eleven lancet windows in the long walls.

At the northeast corner are the remains of a small two-storey rectangular tower. This may have been a sacristy or abbot's house. A spiral stairway leads to the first floor. The church walls are strongly buttressed. The cloister garth lies to the south of the church.The abbey was suppressed in 1541 and, for a short ime in the 1580s, it was granted to Sir Walter Raleigh.

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