Dungarvan Castle

Map Reference: X264931 (2264, 0931)

The castle at Dungarvan was in existence by 1215 but was not completed until about 1270. It was granted to the Fitzgeralds in 1285 and they remained there until 1535 when it was taken over by the Earl of Ossory. It changed hand several times during the 17th century but continued to be garrisoned during the succeeding centuries. It was used as a Garda station until 1987. The remains consist of a polygonal curtain wall with a twin-towered gatehouse at the SE angle. At the SW angle is a large drum tower. It is about 11m high and 1.5m external diameter. At the monent (2008) it is undergoing reconstruction. It is three storeys high and a spiral stairway gives access to the upper levels. At the NW angle is a large polygonal keep. It is ruinous but partly survives to first floor.

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