Dungarvan Friary

Map Reference: X268929 (2268, 0929)

This Augustinian Friary was founded about 1290 by Thomas Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald, Lord Offaly, who became Justiciar of Ireland in 1295 and died in 1296. His descendants, the Earls of Desmond, were recognised as later patrons, although the MacGraths and O'Briens were benefactors. After the Suppression in 1541 it was occupied by Nicholas Browne and later in the century it was leased by Roger Dalton. The remains consist of the chancel and the crossing-tower. The tower is now incorporated into the present Augustinian church which occupies the site of the north transept of the original church.

There is a very fine vault over the ground floor and several carved fragments are built into the exterior wall.

The old chancel had a large window in the east wall and three pointed windows in the south wall.

All worked stone has now been removed from these openings. There is a round-headed archway in the north wall with some decorated stonework.

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