Dunhill Castle

Map Reference: S505008 (2505, 1008)

There is some debate as to the age of this castle since there are no reliable historical references to it before the 17th century. At that time it belonged to John Power and it may have been one of the many castles which fell to the Cromwellian forces in the middle of that century. It sits on top of a rocky outcrop and the remains consist of a rectangular tower measuring about 10.5m by 9.5m and surviving to the first floor. A doorway near the north end of the east wall leads through a lobby to a chamber with three embrasures. None of the worked stone at the windows has survived. A mural stairway rises in the east wall to a loft under the first floor vault. There is also a spiral stairway in the SE corner which leads above the vault. There are some fragments of a bawn but the castle is greatly overgrown and much of the detail is hidden.

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