Templemichael Castle

Map Reference: X081823 (2081, 0823)

This Fitzgerald tower-house was probably built in the 16th century. It was owned by the widow of Garret Fitzgerald in 1640 and attacked by Cromwell in 1649. T was a five-storey rectangular tower. Only the east and south walls survive. There are traces of barrel vaults over the first and third floors. A spiral stairway in the south-east corner leads to the first floor. The doorway from the stairs has pecked decoration. Inside the main door are two murder-holes at right angles. Just outside and to the left of the door is a small circular turret, possibly part of the bawn. It has been converted for use as a dove-cot. There are remains of a number of later buildings attached to the tower-house.

The ruin is greatly overgrown.

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