Clonfad Graveyard

Map Reference: N545453 (2545, 2453)

Within Clonfad Graveyard there is a portion of a High Cross. The top, cross-piece and upper portion of a shaft appear to have been carved from a single stone. However one arm has been broken off and re-attached using a metal spike. The cross had a church-shaped finial but this too had been broken off. Only part of it has been re-attached. The cross is unringed with small quarter-circle indentations at the angles. There is a moulding around the edge of the cross on both faces.

Nearby is a fragment of another cross-shaft. This has some faint figure-carving on one of the narrower faces and moulding along the edges. However it is very weathered and details are difficult to see. In the top is a small oval indentation which may originally have been a mortise associated with the piecing-together of the shaft. It is filled with water and offertory coins. It may have functioned as a wart-stone.

Beside it, and almost obscuring it, is a bush which serves as a rag-tree.

Within the graveyard is a ruin of a church, now reduced to a short section of a wall with a doorway. Just outside the graveyard is another short portion of a cross-shaft similar to the wart-stone.

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