Fore Benedictine Prory

Map Reference: N511707 (2511, 2707)

Around 1200 a Priory was founded by the De Lacys for the Benedictines and dedicated to St Feichin and St Taurin, the patron saint of the monastery in France from whence the Benedictines came. It was confiscated in 1340 by the Crown during a war with France and in 1418 William Englond was appointed abbot by the Pope.

After the Suppression it was leased to Christopher, Baron of Delvin, and remained in the hands of the Greville-Nugent family until early in the 20th century.

The rectangular church was built in 13th century and has three round-headed east windows. At the west end is a tower erected as a fortification in the 15th century and over the sacristy at the south end of the church is another tower of a similar date.

The eastern and western sides of the domestic building around the cloister have been much modified and a portion of the 15th century cloister was re-erected in 1912. A short distance to the northeast are the remains of a columbarium.

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