Locke's Distillery, Kilbeggan

Map Reference: N331356 (2331, 2356)

This large three-storey distillery complex is arranged around a central courtyard. It was built about 1757 and operated under various trading names before becoming Locke’s Distillery in 1843. An earlier owner was John McManus who was a colonel in the United Irishmen and was executed in Mullingar for his role in the 1798 Rebellion. The distillery was extended on numerous occasions and closed in 1957.

It was reopened in 1984 as a heritage centre and working distillery museum. It contains a fine collection of early distillery artefacts.

A steam engine was installed in 1880 and built by Thornbull, Jack and Grant of Glasgow. The chimney associated with the engine is one of the most visible structures to be seen from the outside.

The other is the fine wooden water-wheel driven by a mill-race from the River Brosna.

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