Martinstown Castle

Map Reference: N605604 (2605, 2604)

I visited this tower-house in 1988 when I made the following notes:

"The castle stands to full height with some damage near the top. The square-headed entrance is in the south wall and a mural stairway rises to the left. The stonework above the entrance is broken and there is no trace of a murder hole. There is a good vault above the first floor level. A small projecting tower, formed by the continuation of the N wall, juts out from the NE corner. This contains a number of small rooms. The tower is fragmentary above the vault but rises for two more storeys. At the second floor is a small mural chamber. There is another one at the third floor in the west wall. There are larger window openings at the upper levels but all worked stone has been removed. There are no traces of crenellations or machicolations. On the N wall on the outside is a fine mask and there is a slopstone about the third floor level."

I have not yet returned. A view from Google indicates that the castle still stands but that it is now greatly overgrown with ivy. A return visit is long overdue.

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