Rattin Castle

Map Reference: N552441 (2552, 2441)

Rattin Castle may date from the 16th century. It is possibly four storeys high with traces of a roof turret and an attic. The original entrance may be in the east wall near the NE corner where there is a large ragged gap. Above the entrance lobby there is a large rectangular shaft which may have functioned as a murder-hole.

To the left of the lobby is s small rectangular vaulted room. There is a modern access to this room through another ragged gap in the east wall. Straight ahead from the lobby is a large square room.

There are traces of a vault above the first floor and a ruinous fireplace at the second floor. There is a possible mural stairway within the north wall but this is very fragmentary and access to the upper levels is not possible.

There appears to be mural chambers or passages in the north, east and west walls at the higher levels but these cannot be examined closely.

Most of the NW corner is missing.

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