Tyrrellspass Village Pump

Map Reference: N414378 (2415, 2378)

This pump is reputed to be the gift of Jane, Countess of Belvedere, to the people of Tyrrellspass. However it is probably no older than the 1880s and the gift is more likely to have been the draw-well which stood on this site and is shown in the 1837 map of the village. Presumably the draw-well and the pump share the same source of water. It has a banded cylindrical shaft with a fluted head and a fluted spout. The fluted ogee-dome cap is topped by a finial. The handle does not have the graceful curved of the typical ‘cow-tail’ handle found on many other pumps of the period. The downward curve at the end suggests that it has been distorted or wrongly assembled.

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