Adamstown Castle

Map Reference: S870284 (2870, 1284)

Adamstown Castle was built by Nicholas Devereux in 1556. An inscribed date stone, originally from outer gate of the bawn, is now built into the wall of a nearby farmhouse. It is a four-storey tower house with a base-batter and granite quoins. It is vaulted over ground floor and had three gun loops at each angle. The north corner and much of the adjacent walls are now destroyed. The entrance was in the NE wall which is now destroyed..

A mural stairway with a murder-hole operated from second floor and led to the first floor which has fireplace, one surviving window and two lights with gun loops in SW wall. A spiral stairway, now destroyed, at E angle led to the second floor which has two surviving round-headed windows, one with two lights, a fireplace, three gun loops and murder-hole to the stairs passage at ground level. At the third storey there are single-light windows on each surviving wall. The tower house stood within a bawn which survived with intact walls until end of eighteenth century.

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