Baldwinstown Castle

Map Reference: S971104 (2971, 1104)

Location: About 200m ENE of Balwinstown Crossroads, on the east bank of the river

View from the south

This tower house was probably built by the Keatings who lived in the area in the late 15th century. They were dispossessed in 1654. The round-headed entrance is near the south end of the west wall. There are traces of a machicolation and good evidence of a portcullis. However there does not appear to have been a murder-hole. A straight mural stair rises in the west wall to first floor and continues in the north wall to second floor. However the vault is partially destroyed and there are some serious structural cracks in the walls. Exploration of the upper levels is not recommended. It is known that the stairs change to a spiral above the second floor and continue to roof level. The tower is four storeys high with a loft and attic. There are good crennellations. Part of a bawn wall survives to the south of the tower house and terminates in a circular tower. The tower house and the house which stands beside it are owned by Constance O'Reilly Hyland. If you would like to stay in the area, and would enjoy the experience of having a genuine Irish castle in your garden, Connie assures me that she does a very fine bed and breakfast. You can phone her at 051 563251 or e mail her at

The south wall

The stairway in the west wall

Some of the structural defects

Some of the internal doorways at the upper level

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