Ballyhack Castle

Map Reference: S706109 (2706, 1109)

A preceptory of Knights Templar was founded at Ballyhack in the early 13th century. It was taken over by Knights Hospitallers in the 14th century and became the property of Etchingham in 1541 after the Suppression. The castle at Ballyhack probably dates from the 15th century. It is a four-storey tower with a rectangular doorway which was protected by a machicolation at third floor level, a yett and a murder-hole. There are traces of a bartizan at the south corner. A stairway rises in the SW wall to the right of the doorway. There are many small windows throughout the castle and some have ogee heads. There are some two-light windows near the top of the west wall and a large window opening above the doorway at about second floor level.

The machicolation

A two-light window at the upper level

The remains of the bartizan

View of the west corner

The doorway

View of the south corner

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