Coolhull Castle

Map Reference: S895098 (2895, 1098)

There are no historical references to this castle although it is recorded that John Devereaux owned land at Coolhull in 1640. It is a two-storey building with attic, aligned approximately E-W. At the west end is a tall slim four-storey tower of similar date. Both sections have very good crenellations. The lower portion has some fine single- and double-light round-headed windows and there is a bartizan at the NE corner. There is a good fireplace in the north wall at first floor level and traces of another fireplace in the east wall.

The tower has a north doorway protected by a machicolation at roof level. Just inside, on the left, is the doorway to the hall, now partly blocked. A fine broad spiral stairway rises within the tower but it is not accessible beyond first floor level. Here there is a garderobe and the latrine chute exits at the south base of the tower. There is also a fine slopstone.

The doorway

The machicolation

The bartizan

A variety of windows

The fireplace in the north wall

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