Dunbrody Cistercian Abbey

Map Reference: S710148 (2710, 1148)

View from the southeast

Dunbrody Abbey was founded for the Cistercians of Buildwas in 1171-5 by Harvey De Montmorency. In 1182 it was transferred to St Mary's in Dublin. It is an extensive ruin. The large cruciform church has three east chapels in each of the transepts.

The inserted dwelling in the south transept

The present entrance is through one of the chapels in the south transept. There are traces of the south aisle arcade and the north aisle arcade is now blocked. Above the pillars are some single and double windows with some decoration. The west doorway is blocked. Only half the moulding here is in place and it features some weathered masks.

The east window

There are traces of a three-light west window and a good three-light east window. A spiral stairway in the north-west corner leads to the roof of the north transept. A good allure leads to the tower which has a series of mural stairways and passages. The room above the tower crossing is now a dove-cot.

The blocked west doorway

The site of the cloister is clear but there are no traces of the cloister arcade. A series of vaulted rooms run along the east side of the cloister garth. These are now locked and house fragments of carved stone. A large rectangular building runs along the south side of the cloister garth. There is a carved mask above the present abbey entrance.

View from the south

The monastery was fortified with a tower of two storeys and parapet over the crossing in the 15th century. This involved strengthening of the piers. It was suppressed in 1536 and granted to Sir Osborne Etchingham in 1545. He built the two-storey dwelling with attic over the chapels of the south transept.

The north aisle arcade

Clerestorey windows above the north aisle arcade

The chapels in the south transept

View under the tower looking south

Vaulting in one of the small east chapels

View under the tower looking north

The night stairs in the south transept

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