Duncannon Fort

Map Reference: S728082 (2728, 1082)

This star-shaped fort is located on a promontory jutting west into the estuary. It is thought to be the site of a castle originally owned by Nicholas White and held in 1508 by John Etchingham. This was developed over the next century with the construction of gun platforms and the provision of stone cladding. During the next two centuries it underwent siege and surrender several times. It continued to be garrisoned until 1827. It was burned by the IRA in 1921 and occupied by the Irish Army during the Emergency. The surviving remains, apart from the ramparts, date from the 18th and 19th century.

Distant view

The seaward defences

Views of the moat

The seaward defences

One of the small sentry boxes, or guerites, which are placed at the angles of the walls

Passageway leading to the moat

A defensive wall within the moat which protects the entrance passage

One of the angles of the walls which is topped by a guerite

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