Fethard Castle

Map Reference: S794052 (2794, 1052)

This fortified house is associated with the Suttons whose princple residence was Ballykeerogemore Castle. It was probably built by the Bishop of Ferns as a summer residence in the 15th century. It is an L-shaped structure with a circular tower at the SW corner. The original doorway was in the north wall and it was protected by a machicolation. It gave access to two mural stairways. The ground floor has a series of vaulted rooms. At present it seems to be used for storing rubbish and there is so much material lying about that detailed examination is almost impossible. The upper levels were not accessible. The building was greatly altered in the 19th century and occupied into the 20th. Although some of the earlier small windows have retained their ogee heads most of the windows are large rectangles. The top of the circular corner tower does not have the appearance of a 15th century building. It looks much like the keep at Nenagh Castle or the Great Tower at Windsor. It may be a 19th century modification.

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