Map Reference: S853186 (2853, 1186)

Foulkesmill is a very fine flour mill, five storeys high and five bays long. According to the datestone it was erected by Richard Purcell & Son in 1851. The builder was Martin Bowes. When I visited the mill in 1989 it was still in operation. The excellent breast-shot wheel was still in full working order and drove the machinery housed in the basement. The stone-floor above this could be entered from the rear of the building. There were two sets of stones, one of which had a metal rim inscribed Pearson.Dublin 1860. There was evidence of two other sets of stones. At the first floor there were hoppers to feed the millstones and the second and third floors were grain stores. The outshot at the rear of the mill housed a corn-kiln with the drying-floor at the first floor level. On my return in 2008 I found that the wheel is in very poor condition and that the mill now appears to be disused. The smaller buildings at the rear of the mill now seem to be holiday homes.

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