Hook Lighthouse

Map Reference: X734974 (2734, 0974)

The following note is taken from the information board at Hook Lighthouse: "Hook Lighthouse is a unique example of an almost intact medieval lighthouse and the construction of its four-storey tower in the 13th century was a major accomplishment. The ground floor of the tower was originally a coal stone and the third floor gave access to the balcony and lighting apparatus. Living quarters were found on the other two floors with the first being for the assistant keeper and the second, originally occupied by monks, later became the residence of the principal keeper. The tower was originally 18m high and 8.5m diameter. It was later enlarged to 24m high and 12m in diameter and a mural stone stairway was added the old inner wall and the new outer wall."

There are references to the lighthuse in 1245. It was in the custody of the town of New Ross but was disused by the 17th century. It was restored around 1671 and has continued in use until the present day.

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