Killiane Castle

Map Reference: T059166 (3059, 1166)

There are references to Killiane from 1470 when it was held by the Hay family. The castle is mentioned in 1543 by which time it had passed to the Cheevers. It was forfeited by them in 1654. Killiane Castle is a tower-house standing to full height with crenellations and a roof-walk. It is four storeys high. It is greatly altered inside but there are some original fireplaces in place. A brick-built fireplace rises from the corner of the second floor. The room above seems to have been used for grain drying and there is a grain chute leading downwards from this level. The first floor ceiling is vaulted and a good straight mural stairway leads to the roof. The tower sits at the NW corner of a bawn whose walls survive only at the W and S. The gateway in the W wall has a good machicolation and there are two corner flankers, one of which is round. The top of the S bawn wall may have been rebuilt since it lacks crenellations but has gun-loops in the parapet. The castle and bawn form part of a modern farmyard.

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