Mountgarrett Castle

Map Reference: S725294 (2725, 1294)

View from northeast

Mountgarrett Castle was built by Patrick Barrett, bishop of Ferns after 1408. It passed to the Butlers in the sixteenth century. It is a five-storey tower house surviving partially to the wall-walk with a base-batter, most marked on N wall, quoins and a pointed entrance at centre of the S wall. The remains of guardroom inside entrance to the east with spiral stairs at the SW angle. There is no evidence of a vault. There is evidence of four garderobe chutes in disparate locations on the upper floors. There were fireplaces at the first and second floors. There are musket loops at the NW angle and the large mullioned and transomed window with gun loops in N wall at second floor is a late insertion.

The doorway

Small defensive loop at the doorway

The north wall

Window in the north wall

Latrine chute exit in the north wall

View from the southeast

View from the north

Unfortunately this monument has not been well-maintained. There is a heavy overgrowth of ivy, particularly on the southern portion of the castle. This has almost hidden the entrance and obscures much of the interior and exterior detail

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