St Mary's Church, New Ross

Map Reference: S722277 (2722, 1277)

The Church of Ireland occupies the site of the nave of St Mary’s Church, New Ross which was founded early in the 13th century by William Marshall or his wife Isobel. The present Church of Ireland building occupies the site of the nave. The ruined chancel and transepts remain. The chancel has an aumbry and a damaged sedilia on the S wall, a tomb canopy and niche on the N wall, and opposing doorways, that on the S has transitional features and that on the N has pointed arch.

There is a good three-light east window and some fine lancet windows in the north and south walls. The south transept has two east chapels and a two-bay west aisle. There is also a very fine effigy slab and a poor one.

There are some good coffin lids and some relatively modern box tombs. There is a piscina in the south wall and a three-light window. At the west doorway of the north transept is a good carved mask with a knot on the forehead.

There is a three-light north window and within the transept are some carved fragments including some effigies.

For photos of some of the carved gravestones within St Mary's Church click HERE

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