Scar Castle

Map Reference: S938124 (2938, 1124)

There are little historical references to this castle but it is known that it was held by the Bryan family in the 17th century. There is a lintelled entrance towards the north end of the east wall. It does not have a machicolation but is protected by a murder-hole. A mural stairway rises in the north wall to the first floor above the vault. At this level there was a garderobe, a fireplace, a slop-stone and some windows with seats. Another mural stairway rises from the NE corner in the north wall to the seconf floor where there are more windows with seats. This stair continues to rise to the destroyed battlements. There was a fortified house built just to the south. It was accessible from the castle but only the west wall and part of the south wall survives.

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