Tacumshane Windmill

Map Reference: T077075 (3077, 1075)

Tacumshane Windmill is in Fence townland. It was built in 1846 by the millwright Nicholas Moran. It is three storeys high with a thatched roof. It was re-thatched in 1908 and in use until 1936. It was restored in 1952 as a National Monument. At the top floor the power from the sails drives a vertical shaft. This leads to the bottom floor where the power is given to the underdrift spur wheel. This drove two sets of stones which are on the first floor. A hoist, driven from the sails, is no longer operating but the evidence for it is clear. A fine curved stairway leads to the stone-floor. There is a good tail pole and wheel.

The above photographs were taken in 1984. I returned in 1989 but all the photos taken of the interior on that occasion were faulty. All the photos below were taken during my visit in 2008 when, unfortunately, the interior was not accessible.

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