Taylorstown Castle

Map Reference: S818144 (2818, 1144)

This is probably a 16th century tower-house which was owned in the 17th century by James Rochfort. It survives to two complete storeys with fragments of a third. There is a modern entrance through a modified embrasure in the middle of the NE wall but the original lintelled entrance is near the west end of the NW wall. It is not protected by a murder-hole. There is a vaulted loft over the ground floor. This is accessible through a rectangular doorway leading from the mural stairs in the NW wall. The hole in the landing outside this doorway is the entrance to an oubliette. The stairs continue to above the vault where they become spiral. Above the vault the first floor room has two two-light windows, a single-light window and a fireplace. However it is greatly overgrown. The spiral stairs continue in the north corner to the next storey of which only low fragments remain.

The modern entrance

Entrance from the mural stairs to the loft

The mural stairs

The spiral stairs

A lower hinge-stone at the ground floor lobby

The small window in the loft

View from the SE

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