Templetown Church

Map Reference: S756036 (2756, 1036)

This is a remnant of the fortified parish church of Templetown. It is mentioned in 1541 when it was a rectory of the Knights Hospitallers of Kilcloggan. The church has disappeared but the tower has survived, albeit in a greatly altered form. There are blocked round-headed doorways in the west and south walls at ground floor level, which is covered by a barrel vault. A spiral stairway rises in the SE corner to above the vault. A doorway in the east wall at this level may have led to a wall-walk of the missing church. There is a fragment of another barrel vault against the west wall over the second floor. The tower was greatly altered about 1830 when a fireplace was inserted at the ground floor. A new ground floor entrance was built in the north wall as well as four large openings at the second floor and modern crenellations.

The ground floor looking west

The chimney breast of the inserted fireplace in the NE corner

The fragmentary vault over the second floor

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