Athgreany Stone Circle

Map Reference: N930032 (2930, 2032)

This circle of granite blocks is about 23m diameter and is known as ‘The Pipers Stones’. This name has been applied to at least two other stone circles in the region.

There are 16 stones in the area of the site but only five of them are in situ. Of the others, five are prostrate but probably close to their original position, three are clearly displaced while the others are too small to have been part of the original circle. The stones vary in height from about 1.3m to 1.9m and a large glacial erratic, about 2m high, a short distance to the east is considered to be an outlier. This stone, although it is a natural feature, has several artificial grooves.

A report of 1928 described 29 stones at the site, including displaced examples, and there was an attempt to plant the site with trees.

View of the outlier

Panoramic view of part of the circle

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