Dunlavin Market House

Map Reference: N872017 (2872, 2017)

Dunlavin was founded by the Bulkeleys in the 17th century. In 1702 it passed to the Worth Tyntes. The market house may have been built as early as 1743. It was designed by Richard Cassels and commissioned by the Rt Hon James Worth Tyntes. If one approaches the building from the NE it appears to be a two-storey three-bay structure. The central bay breaks forward and is occupied by a single wide archway which rises through one and a half storeys. The approach from the SE shows a seven bay building with the central three bays breaking forward. All the archways in this facade are identical. Closer inspection shows that it is a cruciform building with the corners filled by colonnades. All the archways have now been blocked by masonry , doors or windows. The building is topped by a round tower surmounted by an octagonal structure with alternate flat and curved surfaces. Two of the flat faces have clocks inserted; the rest have round louvered openings. This is all capped by a magnificent fluted stone dome. The building has been restored and is now used as a library.

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