Reefert Church, Glendalough

Map Reference: T110961 (3110, 1961)

This is the most notable structure near the Upper Lake at Glendalough. This nave-and-chancel church possibly dates from the 11th century. It has a flat-headed west doorway with inclined jambs and a number of round-headed windows.

There are corbel stones at all the exterior corners to carry the wooden rafters. Beside the church is a rough stone cross with a faint carved pattern at the centre.

There are a number of other small stone crosses throughout the site and some stone-lined graves in the graveyard. A short distance away is a circular structure which may be the low remains of a small cashel. There are traces of a low platform running round the inside of the wall. There are several other monuments close to the Upper Lake but they are not easily accessible.

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