Trinity Church, Glendalough

Map Reference: T128968 (3128, 1968)

View from NW

Trinity Church was a small nave-and-chancel church with a good granite chancel arch and a lintelled west doorway with inclined jambs. The nave measures about 9m by 5.5m and the chancel is about 4m by 3m. The addition which was made at the west end may have been a sacristy. It had a corbelled roof and a round-tower style belfry similar to the nearby Kevin's Kitchen. This was destroyed during a storm in 1818. When the sacristy was added a new round-headed doorway was opened near the west end of the south wall. The church has a mixture of round-headed and early pointed windows. At the gable-corners of the original church there are six corbel-stones which supported the roof.

View from NE

View from SW

The chancel arch

The south doorway

The west doorway

View of both doorways

View of the chancel through the west doorway

One of the corbel stones

Some of the windows

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