Synone Castle

Map Reference: S089463 (2089, 1463)

Synone Castle is a round tower-house similar to several other castles in Tipperary and Kilkenny, and possibly having a common builder. The interior is not accessible but the lack of daylight showing through the building suggests that all the vaults are intact. It seems to be about five storeys and is lit throughout by small slits of various designs including round head and ogee head. The castle stands almost to full height but the roof level is fragmentary.

There are remains of a parapet but no traces of crenellations. There are four machicolations at the level of the wall walk. The original entrance seems to have been on the south side where the gap is now blocked. There are no traces of worked stone. Just to the right of this is the fragment of an attached wall, which may be part of a bawn. Directly opposite is the present entrance. This has been created by enlarging one of the ground-floor windows. The right window-jamb is still in place. Just to the left of this entrance is a latrine-chute exit.

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